Congratulations! Epiprobe Biotech Wins Two “Gold Screening Award” at the 2024 ZAODX World Cancer Early Screening Conference!

Recently, the 3rd ZAODX World Cancer Early Detection Conference was successfully held at the Xiongan Exhibition Center in Xiongan New Area, Hebei Province. This year's conference, with the theme of "Early Detection of Cancer, Standardized Action," covered multiple disciplines and cancer types, and combined cutting-edge technologies to present a splendid academic feast for participants! At the same time, the list of winners of the third "Gold Screen Award" organized by ZAODX was also unveiled at the conference. Shanghai Epiprobe Biotech Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Epiprobe Biotech") won the "Research Achievement Translation Award" for its unremitting technical accumulation and innovative application of full-cancer marker technology in cancer early detection. Epiprobe Biotech CEO Hua Lin was honored with the "Promising Entrepreneur" award for driving the company's innovative development by using the TAGMe® DNA methylation detection technology as an engine to accelerate the formation of new quality production capacity. This further highlights Epiprobe Biotech's scientific strength and innovative value in the field of cancer early detection!

Epiprobe Biotech wins ZAODX

The "Gold Screen Award" - born to honor those who strive for cancer early detection, and dedicated to honoring those who strive for cancer early detection! This year's "Gold Screen Award" selection activity was conducted in a fair, just, and open manner, and the final list of winners was officially announced at the conference to encourage industry peers to continue moving forward on the path of cancer early detection. The award's release is a tribute to all the professionals who have been persistently working in the field of cancer early screening, as well as an affirmation and encouragement for those who are striving to protect human health through their dreams. This is the second consecutive year that Epiprobe Biotech has won the "Gold Screening Award", and Epiprobe Biotech has once again achieved excellent results this year by leveraging its breakthrough in DNA methylation detection technology and product innovation, as well as its pioneering exploration and practice of the TAGMe® research and development model in the field of cancer early screening.

Epiprobe Biotech product

This is also the second honor that Epiprobe Biotech has received after winning the "2023 Innovative Technology Product of Tumor Marker" award at the 2024CCTB Conference just a while ago.

Epiprobe Biotech ZAODX

Spring sows and autumn reaps. Craftsmanship remains the same. The progress of medicine requires time to accumulate, the gathering of human wisdom, and unremitting efforts. In the future, Epiprobe Biotech will further promote the accelerated transformation of the TAGMe® series of full-cancer markers and innovative methylation detection solutions into real productivity, continuously upgrading cancer early screening products, and enabling more people to stay away from serious diseases. At the same time, Epiprobe Biotech also looks forward to cooperating with more medical institutions and research teams to provide more precise and efficient solutions for public health and clinical diagnosis, and to contribute to the development of early screening and diagnosis technology, making greater contributions to global cancer prevention and control!


Post time: Jun-21-2024