Epiprobe company won the title of “Specialization, refinement, distinctiveness and novelty” Enterprise in Shanghai

Recently, Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology announced the list of Shanghai small and medium-sized enterprises which are specialization, refinement, distinctiveness and novelty (second batch) in 2022. Shanghai Epiprobe Biotechnology Co., Ltd. relies on its expertise in all-cancer tumors. With its professional technical strength and independent research and development capabilities in the field of early screening, it successfully stood out from many participating companies.

The specialization, refinement, distinctiveness and novelty enterprises requiry strength assessment and consideration in multiple aspects such as the enterprise’s R&D and innovation capabilities, operational efficiency, operational management capabilities, and talent reserves. The judges selected companies with good comprehensive indicators from the certification information submitted by each company and awarded them the title of “specialization, refinement, distinctiveness and novelty” companies. The main business and development focus of enterprises receiving this title are in line with national industrial policies and relevant requirements, have strong technological innovation capabilities, and have excellent development speed, efficiency and quality. They are leaders in the vertical segmented product market of the industry.

This honor is the Shanghai Municipal Government’s high recognition of Epiprobe company’s specialization, refinement, specialization, innovation capabilities and future development potential. It is also a recognition of Epiprobe company’s leading position in the early tumor screening industry segment full affirmation.

Post time: Sep-19-2023