Disposable Urine Collection Tube

Short Description:

Application: For collection, transportation and storage of urine samples.

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1.The urine sample was stored at temperature ( 4℃—25℃) for a maximum period of 30 days.

2.Shipped at 4℃.

3.Avoid freezes.

Instruction for Use


Instruction for Use (1)

Wear the disposable gloves;


Instruction for Use (2)

Check the collection tube is no leakage and write the sample information on the tube label. Notes: Please don't pour out the pre-added preservation solution.


Instruction for Use (3)

Use the measuring cup from kit to collect 40mL urine;


Instruction for Use (4)

Carefully pour the urine sample into collection tube and tighten the tube cap.
Notes: Do not spill the preservation solution when opening the collection tube. Pay attention to tightening tube cap for preventing leakage during the transportation.


Instruction for Use (5)

Slightly turn tube upside down and mix for three times, and then put it into the kit after checking that there is no leakage.

Basic information

Sample requirements
1.It is suggested to collect the urina sanguinis (first urination before drinking water in the morning) or the random urine (random urine within a day). In case of the random urine, it is suggested that the excessive water drinking is not allowed within 4 hours after collection. Otherwise, it will affect the quality of sample collection.
2.The volume of one urine collection cup (about 40mL) is best in the urine collection, and it shall avoid too large or too small collecting cup. The maximum volume is 40ml.

Packing specification: 1 piece/box, 20 pcs/box

Conditions of storage and transportation: under ambient temperature

Period of validity: 12 months

Medical device record certificate No./product technical requirement No.: HJXB No. 20220004.

Date of compilation/revision: Date of compilation: Mar. 14, 2022

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