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Molecular Point of Care Testing - Accuracy and Speed at Your Fingertips

Shanghai Epiprobe Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a renowned Chinese-based molecular diagnostic manufacturer and supplier. Our company specializes in providing innovative solutions to healthcare providers globally. Our Molecular Point of Care product is one of our groundbreaking offerings that is set to transform the clinical practice. Our Molecular Point of Care is a fast and reliable diagnostic tool that offers accurate results in real-time. It leverages on innovative DNA amplification technology to detect infectious agents such as viruses and bacteria in a shorter time compared to traditional methods. The device is easy to use and comes with easy-to-follow instructions. Additionally, our product is compact, making it a viable option even in remote locations. At Shanghai Epiprobe Biotechnology Co., Ltd., we prioritize quality, and that is why our Molecular Point of Care is made from high-grade materials that are durable and cost-effective. As a factory-based company, we take pride in producing products that are affordable, yet effective in providing life-saving solutions. In summary, our Molecular Point of Care is a reliable and fast diagnostic solution that can be used in virtually any clinical setting. Shanghai Epiprobe Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is committed to providing high quality, innovative diagnostic products to improve the health and wellbeing of people around the world.

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